Biometric Solutions : Time Attendance & Access Control

Gone are the days when your employee could join work at 11 and fraudulently mark his attendance at 10. So are the days when passwords to lockers were stolen and unauthorized persons accessed your secret vaults. Biometric systems provide highly accurate and nearly impenetrable solutions for authentication.

How does Biometric Authentication help your business?

Biometric identification is the most reliable and affordable authentication option available currently. Your business can take advantage of the technology in the following ways :

Foul-Proof Identification

Access cards can be lost or stolen, and passwords could be forgotten or shared. Manual identification/authentication systems where humans themselves authenticate are susceptible to personal bias and influence. On the other hand, fingerprints or the retinae cannot be easily duplicated. This means that only genuinely authorized personnel gets access to your premises.

Improve Payroll Efficiency

One pertinent feature of Biometric Authentication system is the ease to integrate with other technologies and to automate.  Apart from access-control systems, Biometric Authentication can be integrated with Attendance Software, helping you track the working hours of employees helping you improve payroll efficiency.

Prevent Buddy Punching and Time Theft

Buddy punching and time theft are common among employees across industries. Time theft is a frequent phenomenon in manual processes : an employee might appear late for work and fraudulently sign the muster. In other instances, the employees take longer breaks and forges check-in or check out timings.

In companies that still use an “old-school” punch time clock or outdated paper timesheets, it is easier for a co-worker to sign the muster or clock in instead of  an employee.  In extreme cases of buddy punching, employees take entire days off work or accrue extra overtime.

This results in the employer ending up paying extra to employees who have not put in their physical time. Biometrics eliminates any such fraudulent activity and provides an uncompromised report on each employees’ actual time worked.

What all to consider while choosing a Biometric System?

Data Security

Biometric information is classified as sensitive personal information under the data protection laws and the legal system mandates very high standards of protection for the same. User security and privacy should be considered while implementing a biometric system and adequate security measures should be adopted.


Cost-benefit analysis should definitely be done before considering a biometric solution for your firm. The concern is finding the most affordable product without compromising on security and durability.

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